Mailing List Mistakes To Avoid

Everyone who does internet marketing knows the power of having a good mailing list. For some people, a mailing list can mean instant money as if you have a good customer base you can often be guaranteed of making a sale every time you send out emails. However, there are some people that make big mistakes with their list which can cost them in the long run.I used to subscribe to a well known guru who I very much respected and so did many people online. A lot of people on forums spoke very highly of him and everyone was recommending him to everyone else. I bought a few of his personal products and they were fantastic.However, it seemed that after a while either the success or the money went to his head. It was obvious to anyone that he had a massive mailing list with good potential so what happened next was people started renting his list.Now this guru had a great reputation so what he would do was send out a mailshot selling other peoples products that were “highly recommended”. However, this was a big mistake as the internet marketing community isn’t stupid. Most people could see instantly that some of these products were scams and word soon spread.What made it worse was that the frequency of these emails selling other peoples products increased too. Sometimes I would get two a day!!Well I started to read on forums that everyone else felt the same and everyone kept saying they were unsubscribing and I did the same.He might well have carried on selling those cheap products but I know a lot of people who will never be buying anything recommended by him again!

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